Forum & Expo "ProteinTek"

Trends and technologies in the production and use of vegetable & microbial proteins

Forum is dedicated to the development trends and technologies in the production and use of plant's & microbial proteins for human consumption and animal feed and will be held on September 26, 2017 in Holiday Inn Lesnaya in Moscow.

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Who will attend:

  • Ìanufacturers, importers and processors of soybeans, sunflower meal, peas, rapeseed and other vegetable proteins.
  • Manufacturers dry stillage & spent grains.
  • Producers of feed protein from methane and other non-traditional sources.
  • Producers of feed yeast.
  • Manufacturers of protein for functional food.
  • Manufacturers of compound feeds.
  • Food producers.

Take note: "ProProtein-2017" Forum & Expo
Production and use of animal (fishmeal, meat and bone meal, feather meal) & synthetic proteins (cultured meat) animal (fishmeal & MBM) & synthetic proteins (cultured meat).
September 27, 2017 in Holiday Inn Lesnaya hotel in Moscow.

Forum's Interviews


New facilities for advanced soybean processing to be built in Russia

 26.06.2017 10:39:51

LLC Isolate is planning to construct a new soybean processing plant in the Lipetsk special economic zone. The amount of investment is estimated at RUB 3.3 Bl. The start of the active construction phase is scheduled for late summer. Land survey works have been completed to date, geological prospecting is under way now, as well as preparation for holding a contest among design agencies.

Fish, poultry and pig producers can now test novel gas to feed protein

 01.06.2017 12:34:48

California based biotechnology company, Calysta, says it has produced sufficient quantity of its novel protein, FeedKind, to be able to ship samples for testing worldwide.

US methane-to-protein facility takes step closer to production

 01.06.2017 12:33:10

NouriTech, along with lead investors Calysta and Cargill, broke ground on the new, 37-acre facility last week.